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I seem to be full of questions these days. My kids say it drives them crazy, but what about me? I’m the perplexed one, the one who doesn’t know what’s around the next corner and wakes up every morning wondering what new catastrophe or maybe even great pleasure is in store for our civilization…what war will be waged, who will be the next population group to face starvation, or who may face justice, finally, for perpetrating a heinous crime. Then there are those who keep chipping away, making things better, getting married, having babies, remaining optimistic about climate change solutions. Just look around. They may be your neighbors. I’m all for them. Get thee behind me, anguish, and go about making a difference, however small it might be. Just look at the amazing things Dr. Paul Farmer did in his short life, if you’re looking for hope. I read Tracey Kidder’s book, Mountains Beyond Mountains, about his work in Haiti twenty years ago and have been following him ever since. So, I guess I know in my heart What’s Next. Gratitude, compassion, acceptance, and, above all, participation. That’s a tall order for the best of us! It’ll sure keep us busy and it beats complaining.

Can you imagine coming home from peaceful, very warm and hospitable Palm Springs, after visiting your youngest son, Robert, and his lovely wife, Gwen, to wake up two days later to this? And just three weeks after you’d gone through the ritual of bringing in the New Year by burning your Christmas tree?

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I spent a relaxed and WARM week in Palm Springs, writing, reading, and relaxing during the day and enjoying the hot tub and pool in the evening. It doesn’t get much better than that! Rob and Gwen are going strong with plans for expanding their business in golf range automation, using Rob’s targets, which he installs for night golf throughout the country. Learn more about them HERE. This adds a new, exciting dimension to the sport.

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Sunday was a day of exploration in the mountains and a visit to the famous Integratron in Landers, CA. It has an interesting and somewhat controversial story behind it, but I can vouch for the efficacy of the hour-long meditation and Sound Bath that I experienced. Daughter Martha corroborated the restorative quality of sound and music in her work in somatics and how various tonalities can, indeed, affect your body in a healing way. I am grateful for the experience.

Next time, Joshua Tree and a return to the rotating aerial tramway.

Back on Whidbey, I’m taking my usual walk in the woods each day, but have been trying other trails as the weather permits. Here is a relatively new area for me, Deer Lagoon, not far from the beach on Double Bluff. I was there in January as the sun was just setting.

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Many of you have had the privilege of seeing the extensive immersive Van Gogh exhibition that is being shown throughout the country. I had the privilege of experiencing it in the warehouse area of Seattle. It is an enormous, very imaginative display. You are not just viewing the paintings, but you are walking among large digital images, interspersed with stories of the artist’s life, accompanied by exceptional music. It cannot replace the intimacy of the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, Holland, which I visited shortly after it opened, where you get a close view of the original paintings, but you do get a feeling for the depth and breadth of his work and his troubled life, cut short so tragically.



Wonder of wonders. I am hoping to make a short trip to NYC to check on Broadway as well as relatives and Jersey friends, and enjoy the usual late March or early April snowstorm. But don’t hold your breath. Ask Covid. After that, Martha, her partner, Doug, and I plan to go to Portugal in late spring. Stay tuned and stay safe!

It’s always wonderful to be welcomed back to Washington by Mt. Rainier!







  1. Shawo

    It’s great pleasure to read your blog after long time. Take care and many Tashi Deleks…. Waiting for your next post!!!

  2. Alex Fagundez

    Meg, it was lovely seeing you at Cheryl’s wedding a few years back. I’ve also seen Thomas a few times, and always ask about you. As always, I love indulging in your posts and getting a glimpse into your adventures. I hope you’ll keep writing, because I will keep reading! Next time you are in NJ, I’d love to catch up. Be well.

  3. Jerene

    beautifully done, Meg! Can you believe you posted much I had not already heard!

  4. Anne Zontine

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, the trip to Portugal sounds yummy, let’s compare notes. We’ll be around to increase you blood pressure in a couple weeks after we finish our melanoma dosage and wake up to afew more mexican roosters. But I did use my bird net app to identify some different species down here.


    Meg, very interesting, educational, informative, reflective and forward thinking. I do enjoy this blog!

  6. Claudia

    Love hearing about your travels. Glad to hear you are seeking positive experiences to lighten your days.

  7. Lynn

    Oh Megs! A potpourri and a mosaic all in one. Just scanned NY Times arts and leisure section crammed with full Page ads of Broadway shows and thought Get Going Meg! Hey, I was the person who was with you at the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. … a highlight ! Lynn PS adored Portugal – you will love it. And have adventures hiking…. And exploring. And asking questions. … Nothing new about your penchant for asking questions.

  8. Heidi

    thank you meg for your colorful stories – your family life comes out glowingly clear and full of surprises, again and again. I am so glad you have such strong memories and a lively past!

  9. Bolormunkh aka Bogy

    Meg, as I am a subscriber to your blog, I read each of your blogs whenever I receive an e-mail and keep Tuul updated on what is going on in your life. Very convenient as you persuaded me. 🙂
    We still think of you affectionately and wish you all our best!

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