all those who have suffered in the past and all those who are suffering right this minute. Those fighting tyranny in Myanmar, Tibet, and China, and those whose country has been devastated and loved ones killed by one of the worst natural disasters in their history.

It would be superfluous for me to try to add to the many accounts and comments I’ve read about the heavy news coming out of Haiti. I don’t know anyone who isn’t saddened, or anyone who isn’t contributing in some way to alleviate the suffering of these people. It makes anything I have to say at this moment seem frivolous. Yes, life goes on and all we can do is be grateful for our myriad blessings and be mindful of those who are going through such intense grieving. But we also must help in any way we can—financially or physically, on the spot. I think that this time the world will come to the aid of this beleaguered country and set in motion real, lasting reform. This is my fervent hope. But it must be backed by action. And we must all, together and individually, make our voices heard.

The only other comment I have, today, relates to a country I visited twenty years ago and has become one of the most repressive regimes on the planet. I’m truly heartened by the possibility that Google will not tolerate continuing censorship, and may refrain from doing business in China. It’s easy to become cynical about big companies with huge profits, and to suspect their decisions as being disguised self-interest. Well, maybe this time Google will stick to its guns. It has plenty of money, and the good will resulting from standing up to the Chinese repression of its internet activities will far outweigh any financial losses. This is my opinion. And I’m not alone.