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The only difference I can think of is that I was the only person on cross-country skis I encountered during my five-mile circuit between my daughter Martha’s house and mine. It was a veritable blizzard, so maybe they passed me in the white out.  And oh, it was so beautiful! You know, winter wonderland and all that, with eight inches of snow weighing the evergreens down so you had to duck beneath a canopy as you glided by. The roads hadn’t been fully plowed (one pass a winter does not make…or something like that) and if a lone car or a plow happened by I simply dived into the nearest snow bank. On one occasion, coming back in the dark and wearing my headlamp, a plow came within two inches of me. Scary. I can still move fast when my mortality stares me in the face.

I know, this is child’s play compared to Washington, DC, but it was also manageable, for which I’m grateful. Here is my proof.

Isn’t this just like life?

First you’re up….

Then you’re down. And so it goes…

For some videos of this perfect day, go to Martha’s blog, which you can find on her website: She has some really good ideas for exercise in a snowstorm.

Hat’s off to my grandson, Adam Bixler, 17, who is the tympanist and percussionist for the Youth Orchestra of Essex County, which toured Austria last summer. He performed on drums Saturday night at the Hat City Kitchen in Orange, NJ, sitting in for a couple of numbers with my son-in-law, Gary Shippy’s, band, Walk The Dog. It was a swinging evening all around.

Interesting tidbit: Orange is called Hat City because it was the manufacturing center for Stetson hats in bygone days. Surely some of you out there remember Stetson hats.

For those of you who love opera, let me recommend the recent HD performance from the Metropolitan Opera of Bizet’s Carmen, starring the stunning Elina Garanca as Carmen and the masterful Roberto Alagna as Don Jose.    It’s being shown in specified theaters around the country and is the most superb Carmen I’ve ever seen. Acting, singing, staging. It’s another flawless production by Richard Eyre. See it if you can.


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  1. I still am not sure where you live . … Syracuse? We have snow, but not like you. . . our Fur Rendezvous celebration is starting tonight, so we’ll be out in it a lot . … best, Vera

  2. Cal

    You know what’s funny is that I was wondering all this week if you brought out the skis and frolicked in the snow. Wish I were there.

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