What a wonderful weekend this was! I had my first book signing at Goldfinch Books in Maplewood, and the crowd was large and appreciative, buying almost all the books on hand (that is, mine…the store has plenty of others!) Laura Huemer, the owner, was celebrating her two-year anniversary of ownership and seemed especially gratified that we had such a good turn out for her occasion, as well. She had baked small cookies in the shape of yellow birds (perhaps a goldfinch?) that were gobbled up in short order. The balloons were still flying, however, when I left.

I was especially flattered by customers who weren’t previous acquaintances, but who had read Madam and come in to have me sign it. Men as well as woman thanked me for broadening their view of the world and inspiring them to ”take off and see what was around the next corner.”

Watch for the article in this week’s News Record. Jeff Cummins talked with me at length after the book signing, asking me a great many probing questions about why I travel as I do and what I’ve learned about my life during these various world trips. He did a lot of digging and I’m eager to see what he writes.

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