On September 2 my second daughter, Martha, was married to Gary Shippy in the garden of her home in Maplewood, NJ. Martha had been tending her extensive garden and adding plants and flowers guaranteed to be in bloom at just the right time. And then came the hurricane. I can’t remember which one, but it brought several days of rain, abating only on Sept. 3, the day after the wedding. Fortunately, Martha has two industrious brothers, Robert and Tom, and a tent was quickly erected, which, I thought, made the wedding even more cozy and intimate. It certainly was a gala affair, punctuated by thunder and lightening and the hypnotic drone of water—a small wedding with members of the immediate family, but with just the Shippy and Peterson clans combined, it was anything but small! After the reception there was music and dancing. Gary’s band, Walk The Dog, performed, as well as several other combos, all friends of the bride and groom, and all excellent. I demolished the lawn dancing with Joe Buck as the guitars wailed and Gary tore into the drums. What a day! What an evening! A truly happy time.(click here for pictures)

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