I broke my right little toe at the end of October while racing around, looking for the perfect outfit for Barry Hamilton’s and Ruth Klukoff’s wedding in St. Petersburg, Florida. And a most unusual wedding it was! I flew to Tampa with Kit Sailer, and we celebrated along with many other Summit High classmates of Barry’s and daughter Martha’s. I felt as if I’d gone back twenty-five years and was living on Badeau Ave. in Summit, NJ. But this time I was not THE MOTHER. I was just a friend. It was fun swimming in the ocean and sitting on the beach and going for a treasure hunt on the pristine island where the ceremony took place. Ruth’s Zukuki violin students provided the music in a perfect setting of sun, tropical flowers, and palm trees. The food was sensational and it wasn’t until the sun was a red ball on the horizon that we dispersed to continue the party with good conversation and margueritas. Warning: Never drink margueritas before entering a hot tub. They don’t mix!

An added plus from my Florida trip was finding Max Croft, a sensational web designer and professor of digital media at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. He is responsible for the design of my site and I shall be forever grateful to him.

Several weeks later I returned to Florida to work with Max and to see Barry and Ruth once again. I also took a side trip to University Park (Sarasota) to see my old friend from music education convention days, Jane Beethoven, and enjoyed her luxurious pad. She’s still working in the field of music and publishing, dividing her time between Florida and Lugano, Switzerland. And she’s as beautiful as ever!

The month of November was spent playing in two Plainfield Symphony concerts and taking in some new shows and musicals to feed my NY theater addiction. If you’re interested, call me. I’ll tell you what to see and what NOT to see. There are some klunkers out there, too. But for $3 audience extra tickets, I can afford to take chances.

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